Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Grown-up Kitchen Garden

Hello Everyone. Its been a long time since I blogged. The last time I told you about a recycled garden adjacent to my kitchen. There had been some growth (obviously!) in my plants. Let me first tell you about the tomato plants. The first 3 pics here was on shot in the third week of Jan. You can see the plant has started flowering. bright yellow flowers and tiny tomatoes growing up... The next one with strawberry-sized tomatoes, light green and hard, was shot just 10 days later. Growing really fast, indeed.

With the potatoes, I had been a little unlucky. Actually I cudn't resist myself from uprooting the two potato plants. I was anxious to see really big ones but I was expecting too much, too early. So I ended up with these cute little ones. But its okay 'coz small things are beautiful. I decided not to cook these and but just enjoy their cuteness.


Clusters of white flowers had appeared on the coriander plants. Few corianders had also appeared but I forget to click them.

I had sprinkled mustard seeds just like that, not with the motive of actually sowing them. All of them growing together have created a mess here, you see.

Ah! I forgot the beans! But, you see, the beans appear sort of malnourished. No, they aren't diseased or something like that. What happened was that in the pot in which I had grown beans, I unknowingly dropped a corn seed probably. Aand maize plants, you know, absorb a lot of water and hence, my beans were deprived of water. So, they showed slow and stunted growth.

We got shifted to this new place, where we are presently, about 2 months ago in Febraury. Something really disappointing happened. We were waiting anxiously for the tomatoes to get ripened. We were about to pluck these but probably they were not destined to be ours. One fine morning, I wake up and what I see is all my tomatoes are gone! and I looked around to check who the thief was. and this was most surprising. On the neem tree nearby there were some monkeys. If you have watched the program 'Monkey Thieves'

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